ADEBEL LOAFER ( 3 colors)

Size Guide Right
Whether you pair these shoes with jeans or a tailored suit, you will still be on point. For casual wear, you can decide to omit wearing the shoes with socks. However, for formal wear matching the socks with the shoes will make you look more presentable.These types of penny basket weave leather shoes are easy to wear. You just have to slip in and slip off anytime you want. Because they don't have the laces, you just need to have the correct size. When you're in a hurry, you can grab one and still pull that fashionable look. People love these basket weave leather shoes due to their dependable comfort. How? The leather is soft and breathable. You can walk for hours without getting discomfort or itches. Some even use them as slippers in their home due to the ease of wearing these shoes. It's just a perfect shoe for everyday wear and everyday occasion.These basket weave leather shoes come in diverse sizes that can fit anyone.